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Facing Another - A mix of primary documents and secondary narration and cross-indexing [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Facing Another [Sep. 25th, 2016|11:54 pm]
I just watched The Face of Another by Hiroshi Teshigahara, written by Kobo Abe. It's a movie about plastic surgery, like Eyes Without a Face and Face / Off and Under the Skin, and within Japanese cinema, Onibaba. Like those other movies, it's a horror / science fiction, about how fluid identity runs the risk of dehumanization and the swapping of faces contains an existential threat that runs even as deep as sanity and morality.

I have an idea for a different sort of movie based on the work of Sir Harold Gilles, the father of modern plastic surgery, who believed that plastic surgery was a necessary method of medical attention -- that the existential risk of identity lay in making the external body reflect the internal beauty of a person as they believed it to be.

It's interesting to think that plastic surgery is one of modern society's forms of acceptable bigotry. Whereas transgenderism is chipping away at one element of that, the idea of an actress defending her face against age or even an invalid repairing her face against trauma is still, to a gut instinct, considered 'superficial.'